Important Update: COVID-19

Sunshine Coast Motorcycle School remains open and we have been actively monitoring Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) advice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). We want to take a calm and balanced approach, while implementing meaningful actions that prioritise the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers.

Protecting our customers and staff

At Sunshine Coast Motorcycle School we continue to maintain and clean our equipment to the highest standards. Since COVID-19 emerged, we have implemented additional cleaning procedures for our equipment including antibacterial cleans of any surfaces our customers or staff may regularly come into contact with e.g. motorbikes, helmets, jackets etc.

We are also well supplied with appropriate soaps and wipes.

We are keeping the van sanitised.

We are also following the social distancing rules.

What We Ask of You?

If you are showing any symptoms, have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 please reschedule your lesson or Q-Ride. If in doubt, please use the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptom Checker

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been in contact with our people or equipment, please advise us as soon as possible, so we can act appropriately to keep everyone safe.

Stay safe, and keep looking out for each other.

Do you love motorbikes?

I remember when I was around 8 or 9 years old, being in our front yard and hearing a group of bikes coming on the road. I went up to the fence and waved as they went past. I still remember thinking “I will do that one day”. As I got older, any chance I had to ride I took it: dads ag bike with big fat wheels, boyfriends’ dirt bikes, my own little RM80, a moped and eventually getting my licence to ride on the road and the rest, as they say, is history.

If you have ever had that dream, here is your chance to make it a reality. Don’t worry if you have never ridden before, or even if you don’t know how to use gears. That’s why I started the motorcycle school. To teach people like yourself. I love motorbikes and I love teaching, so the motorcycle school was a natural progression.

Adele has since joined me, who has had over 15 years experience as an instructor. Together we take pride in providing the best training on the coast. All of the Q-Ride courses are designed and controlled by the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland. You can complete the Q-Ride course with any Q-Ride provider and receive the same training. However, Adele and I pride ourselves in providing that “little bit extra”. We both get complimented for our excellent patience and communication skills. We like to get to know our students, understand why they want to ride, make the course fun and extra enjoyable.

Both Adele and I teach and conduct the Q-Rides because of our passion to teach, see students learn how to ride and often battle personal fears in order to ride. I personally believe this is what makes Sunshine Coast Motorcycle School unique.

Pre-Learner Q-Ride (max 5 students)

The Department of Main Roads and Transport introduced the Pre-Learner Q-Ride 1 October 2016. All students wanting to obtain their learner licence, must complete this course first. This Q-Ride is designed to help learners gain basic riding skills in a safe environment before riding on the road. The objectives of the course are to ensure learner riders have the knowledge and skills to manage, under supervision, routine riding situation.

We still provide one on one lessons, however, because this course is designed for people who have never ridden a bike before, this is an ideal alternative for students, who already have their learner (L) licence but need to learn how to ride before enrolling in the restricted (RE) Q-Ride. If you haven’t ridden before and already have your L’s, I would recommend this course and then a couple of follow up lessons to gain some road experience.

Students who received their Learners under the old system are welcome to complete the Pre Learner Q-Ride at a discounted rate.

Come and do your restricted (RE) or unrestricted (R) Q-Ride

We do all of the Q-Rides. For those people out there that can ride, come along and do our RE Q-Ride course and get your motorbike licence. We have five fantastic Honda CB125s to get your RE licence on.

We have a CBR600F4i and a VT750 for you to do your R licence on, or you are more than welcome to complete the Q ride course on your own bike (and receive a $50 discount). We do all Q-Rides with a maximum of five people (including yourself).

One on one lessons

Before the Pre-Learner Q-Ride was introduced, most people utilised these one on one lessons to learn how to ride. This won’t be required as much anymore, however, we will always offer one on one lessons that will be customized to your needs. For example; you may have obtained your L’s but want some one on one road sessions, or maybe you are a returning rider and just want a refresher.

Check out the price list and Q-Ride page for more information on these classes.